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Technics receiver vintage

Condition see all. What accessories are needed with a Technics receiver? Brand see all. Receiveg Location see all. See ' Copyright Technics receiver vintage ' page for details. Technics is a Japanese brand name owned by Panasonic Corporation, one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer electronics in the world.

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Cant figure why there is Technics receiver vintage much bashing around Technics A picture is worth a thousand words so take a look as that is the actual item and accessories you will receive. This is an amazing power amp. Amps and Pre-Amps. Everything works great. Best Offer. Everything is neatly wired. Please view photos. Not Specified. Pioneer SA Learn how your comment data is processed.

Completely revitalized.

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This giant Technics SA receiver is one of the rarer monster receivers. You don't see them come up for sale very often. And, while they may not be as popular as Marantz or Pioneer they still bring big bucks on the auction market.

What really got people's attention was the performance. Are you ready for these stats? The SA put out watts per channel! It did this with less than 0. And, you would need help getting it to your car as it weighs in at an astronomical 87 pounds! The SA has a nice symmetrical layout inside with the big transformer in the middle flanked by caps on either side. As I mentioned above the Technics SA rarely comes on the market. Nice info. I have a non-working SA and hoping to find parts to fix it.

Any suggestions? Any recommendations on repair techs in the Tampa area? Hey, Bob at Action Electronics just did a wonderful job rebuilding my Technics sa It sounds amazing again. Action is in Williamsburg Virginia at Very good, experienced, and passionate about it. A classic Sony and a Panasonic. NO Doubt about it!!! The Marantz is my currently pursued item, finding them occasionally but the Price is Astronomical.

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Technic SA is a mother receiver.. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Technics SA Technics SA a receiver.

Your email address will not be published. Made in Japan. Works great. That seems to be their Achilles heel. Heathkit Receiver. This has been tested and has that classic Marantz sound.

Technics receiver vintage

Technics receiver vintage

Technics receiver vintage

Technics receiver vintage

Technics receiver vintage. Receivers From The 70's and 80's

Click the link below for current inventory. See ' Copyright Information ' page for details. DC measurements taken 'post-preamp', 'post driver board' and 'post power amp'.

Bias current set to spec. Once the unit's electronics were addressed, it was cosmetically detailed inside and out. All original, extruded face, and milled aluminum knobs in great shape after detailing. Internal and external dial screen and window in perfect shape.

No power supply hum of any kind. It's dead silent! All functions test fine. Only cosmetic issues are minor, ie; a small ding in the upper, front edge of the wood case, and some minor scuffs on the sides see above photos. The real vinyl wood veneer in great condition with no peeling. Bias current and DC offset set to spec. AC idle current measured at. Floor noise measured at It is also a "power-house" 1 xxx watts per channel! Again we have completely gone through this receiver.

It looks, performs and sounds great! Again, with the exception of a couple of 'dings', the wood grained vinyl case in great condition see above photos. Face and knobs in near NEW cosmetic condition. Receiver measures Includes our standard 9 0 day limited warranty. So, the SA can produce. The Peak Power indicator is a string of 24 LED's, 12 for each channel, with the outer red LED's indicating an output level that is approaching clipping.

Technics used LED's in the meter because they can react faster than an analog meter. It also has multiple tone controls and filters on the front panel. One drawback of the SA is that many times the potentiometers on unserviced units will need cleaned and they are difficult to get to.

Other than that the build quality is excellent. There is also an SAA version that has a dark gray faceplate but is essentially the same receiver. The higher end Technics are good receivers. They are built well and perform just as well as a Marantz or Pioneer.

They tend to be priced a little lower than those other brands so many times you can pick one up for a good price. The Technics SA is a great mid-range receiver. Not only does it perform well but it has the looks to go with it. They made quite a few of them so prices are reasonable. It was manufactured from late to around and puts out about 55 watts per channel. The signal and tuning strength meters are analog.

Technics receivers

Quick links. Username: Password: Remember me? Please login or register an account. Board index Hardware Amplifiers and Loudspeakers. I have been playing guitar for quite few years now. As some may know guitar guys like me can be very nutty in regard to tone and general sound. Therefore, I have built a few tube amplifiers along, effects, cables along with other basic gadgets. I got one SA a while back, got it professionally serviced and tuned. All components were running as per manufacturer specs, a tuner alignment, DC balance and a few shots of a deoxidizing product brought it back to it glory.

The receiver is running for a year now and I can't really say anything bad about it. The design is very elegant, in my opinion is one of the cleanest looks of the "era". The built quality is similar others, it could be better, but, like everything in life it needs to be maintained properly to last and works efficiently. Recently I purchased a Pioneer SX , all reviews and opinions claim it as a better and it certainly looks very cool with the VU meters swinging around. But I tend to gravitate around the technics my ears got used to sound, the knobs feel smother and it looks great too.

I do not feel ashamed to say that I like the sound of my fairly modest and inexpensive system. I would dare to say that I would prefer it over many other expensive up to date systems I see for sale. Cant figure why there is so much bashing around Technics They sounded good when working. They look quite nice. It's not my only receiver, but it does the trick. I've been a separates man from the beginning About 20 watts, with SKA chipsets, very sweet, but the cosmetics were not as chic as a few others that used the same.

I now have a in my living room. I've then bought a Yamaha RX as replacement, which hasn't only delivered better sound, but also still works. Greetings from Munich!

All are performing exceptionally. I use efficient speakers and have long since passed the need to make my ears bleed, so modest amounts of good clean power do the trick. And I like the Technics sound the best - nice and neutral but not dead. The JVC pair are good too, but a little brighter, a bit closer to the classic "Japanese Sound" from the early 80s.

I went separates after experiences with three receivers - a Technics , Pioneer , and a Realistic which I don't remember. The Pioneer was okay, but got noisier the longer I had it. The Realistic, don't go there. Then there was the Technics.

Great sound for a little receiver. But then it started popping protection fuses like an addict. Was told it was the end of the power amp section. That seems to be their Achilles heel. When they work, they are great. But when they act up And for whatever reason their separates don't seem nearly as prone to the same problem. Apparently the extra layout options make a difference. Board index.

Technics receiver vintage