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Our broad line of boars allows us to provide the perfect fit for any production system anywhere in the world. PIC offer gilt products at any age between 10 weeks and 27 weeks to our customers. PIC is renowned for tailoring our breeding program to meet the needs of our customers. The movement of breeding pigs amongst farms and across borders have however become increasingly dangerous because of the bio-security risk it poses. All movement of live animals are voided as we only use semen on the farm for producing replacement gilts.

Pic semen

Pic semen

After the insemination, there is a rapid transport through the uterus and only about 10, sperm reach Pic semen sperm reservoir Pic semen the oviduct — the majority of the sperm are lost through reflux i. Aemen acrosome is a thin sac that contains enzymes that help the seme penetrate the egg during the fertilisation process. At the moment, semem can evaluate several components of sperm quality but not all of them, because the technology is not available or practical to implement. Sperm bank. A man Losing virginity photos shorts holds a sperm analysis with the words yes. Sometimes the droplet remains and it can be proximal or distal, depending if it is closer or further away from the sperm head. Home Company news. Semen Cardona S. The head contains the genetic information chromosomes. The following other wikis use this file: Usage on ga.

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Boar semen is a suspension of sperm cells and secretions from the boar reproductive tract, including the accessory glands. The fluid portion of this suspension is known as seminal plasma and it helps to carry and protect the sperm cells. In boars, the semen also contains large quantities of gel. It takes about five weeks for a sperm cell to be produced, and a further two weeks to go through the epididymis [The epididymis is a long, convoluted tube just outside the upper surface of the testis, where the sperm migrate slowly while continuing to mature and gain the potential ability to fertilise the eggs.

It is also the main storage for sperm]. It is interesting to note that sperm collected today started to be produced seven weeks ago. A normal sperm can be seen in Figure 1. It has a head and a tail and the entire sperm cell is covered by a membrane. The head contains the genetic information chromosomes.

On top of the head is the acrosome. The acrosome is a thin sac that contains enzymes that help the sperm penetrate the egg during the fertilisation process.

The tail is composed of the neck, middle, principal and end pieces. The middle piece contains the mitochondrias which generate the energy required for sperm motility.

It can have several. For example: abnormal head too big, too large, abnormal shape, etc. During the sperm production, a cytoplasma droplet is formed, that is usually lost when the sperm matures. Sometimes the droplet remains and it can be proximal or distal, depending if it is closer or further away from the sperm head.

Some of these abnormalities can be seen in Figure 2. Some abnormalities are produced during the spermatogenesis process - that is while the sperm is being produced in the testis - some during the passage through the epididymis, and some can be during, or after, ejaculation due to improper semen handling or storage.

For example, if a boar has a fever high temperature this can affect the spermatogenesis. Changes in temperature, pH, or osmotic pressure, during the semen dilutions process will also produce abnormalities.

It is assumed that the majority of the abnormal sperm will not be fertile, even if for some abnormalities it will depend on the degree of maturation of the sperm. To give you an idea, if you joined the sperm cells in a chain, head-to-tail, you could fit around sperm cells in 1 cm.

If you consider that the uterus womb has two horns up to 1. Once the sperm is in the place of fertilisation, then sperm motility is important as the tail helps the sperm to move into the egg and push their heads into the egg. After the insemination, there is a rapid transport through the uterus and only about 10, sperm reach the sperm reservoir in the oviduct — the majority of the sperm are lost through reflux i.

When ovulation happens, sperm are slowly released from the reservoir towards the site of fertilisation and less than sperm are present where fertilisation occurs. Ref: Brussow K-P et al. Unfortunately, no. At the moment, we can evaluate several components of sperm quality but not all of them, because the technology is not available or practical to implement.

However, the aspects we are able to evaluate might not necessarily be linked to fertility if that component is not the limiting factor. For example, we can look at some elements like tails and heads and check if the shape is correct, but we cannot ensure that they are functional, or evaluate if the chromatin genetic material is in good condition.

Think of a car, you can look at it and say the tyres look good or the shape is nice. You might even try the lights and see if they work but, until you switch on the engine and drive, you will not know if it can take you to your destination. But if you look at the car and it has no tyres, you already know that the car is no good to you. That is what is happening today with semen quality. We can look at the sperm and see if it is of bad quality, but we cannot necessarily ensure that it is of good quality.

At PIC, we are looking at each ejaculate before and after dilution, to ensure that motility and morphology are good so that we can reject any ejaculate that looks bad, but we cannot predict fertility of that ejaculate.

It will depend on several factors like age and frequency of collection, but between billion. It still has to undergo a process called capacitation when the sperm gains the ability to fertilise the egg that usually happens once the sperm is inside the sow and it takes about hours.

Usually, good quality semen will survive within the sow reproductive tract for approximately 24 hours. Eggs only survive for about 12 hours, so it is better to have sperm already at the fertilisation site before ovulation. Training can start once the boars are physiologically mature and produce an adequate quantity of good quality, mature sperm. That is at months of age.

Usually days, depending on the extender used, and assuming that the semen is stored properly. At PIC, we have taken the decision to use an extender to allow a 5 day shelf-life.

PIC aim to have 2. To ensure this, the sperm concentration of each ejaculate is measured and the number of doses is produced accordingly. At PIC, we take great care to measure each ejaculate as accurately as possible and to mix the semen thoroughly, so that all flatpacks have an average of 2. If the flatpack is not turned, the sperm settles at the bottom.

It needs to be resuspended so that the sperm can have access to nutrients and metabolites, which are re-distributed in the extender. UV light present in sunlight can damage and kill the sperm. That is why it is so important to transport the semen inside a box. There is also an increased risk of bacterial growth.

We have a very strict quality control system that includes complying with the BPEX protocol. We have our internal PIC controls, but we also send samples to an independent lab for evaluation. Independent vets visit all our studs once a week to evaluate not only the health of the boars, but also that the semen produced is of the highest quality standard.

All new boars have to pass strict quality control tests, including morphology, motility and ORT a special test we use to evaluate the integrity of sperm membranes.

They must have a number of consecutively passed samples prior to being approved. Is it harmful to the semen? We are using some dyes in the GP semen to differentiate it easily.

They are obtained from reputable manufacturers and, in addition, we toxicity-test each batch. The semen is not sterile and it might contain bacteria. The bacteria can come from the semen itself, from the boar, or from the environment. They do not usually produce disease in the sows but some, if they are in large quantity, might affect semen quality.

Therefore one batch number on your flatpack equals one boar. There seems to be a big individual variation and the semen of some boars seems to perform better than others.

Sexed semen is becoming a reality in bull semen, but the problem is that the production process is slow and costly. If we consider the huge amounts of semen needed for the sow compared to the cow see Stuart Revell article on page 10 , it is still a long way from becoming a commercial reality for producers. November Australia's pig farmers encounter some very different challenges in maintaining good standards of welfare on farm, but RSPCA Australia feel that they haven't yet got the recognition they deserve for the work they do.

Latest articles Understanding invasive behaviour of feral pigs may provide inspiration for new control methods 18 Oct Achieving humane production in the Australian pig industry 16 Oct

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Pic semen

Pic semen

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Pic semen

Pic semen