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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Puppy Love Hai this is Neeta, 25 yr old. I gave him bath.

Puppy sex story

Puppy sex story

Puppy sex story

Puppy sex story

Puppy sex story

Posted Fri 16th of October Report. Puppy sex story was amused and somewhat comforted by this, her initial fear of the animal gone, as if she had her own personal guard dog escorting her. I take the peanut butter from the jar, smiling to myself as I spread my asscheeks, and smear it down my taint. Indeed, on her Puppy sex story home from work that evening, Kate stopped and picked up a box of doggy nummies and placed some in a small baggy for her beach trip the next morning. He comes bounding over to me, his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth. Looking at the stain I had made I began to reflect on what I saw early in the day, that girl being treated like that turned me on so much but how could the sight of a woman being reduced to that turn me on so much, I admit that I like a little light dominance but that was a video of her humanity being taken from her.

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As they say, write what you know. Sort by:. The Unwilling Petboy Pt. Now, here I am hunched over on my Puppy sex story and knees. I was so hot and horny I came in seconds. I got up and, after regaining my composure, put my hands on my hips with a stern look on my face, hoping that would make him move. I could feel the hard muscles of his thighs pressing against my arse, working as Thor relentlessly jabbed his big cock again and again against my pussy, forcing my engorged lips apart. Man u can Wright made me hard really hard Reply. That brings the total to 12 horses and 12 dogs. His big tongue washed Puppy sex story my cunt and arse as I shivered at the feel of his hot drool running down my thigh. The Unwilling Petboy Arthur becomes a pet. The tight sweater and skirt showed off my figure well. Gem The story of a woman's willing transformation Paper enlargement scale a puppy girl.

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Puppy Love Hai this is Neeta, 25 yr old. I gave him bath.

I tried my best to convince him, but he was not obliging. Finally i decided to go ahead as he was very young boy. I removed my chudidar tops exposing my bra held fruits. He was staring at it. Now for the first time i felt a gush in me something was happening in me. He ws fully speechless. He was very curiously watching my pubic hair. He was not understanding that. He tried to take off his hands but i held his hands there. Now he put his fingers for the first time in my tunnel, i was wet by now.

By now i could see his erection. Suddenly to my embarrassment praveen shouted that he will also come. Karthik was looking at both of us. He asked praveen what was it. Now karthik became serious. He threatened us to tell what happened or he will make it serious.

I was in an awkward position. My face turned red. I tried to tell him that praveen pestered me. But he started threatening me that he will tell everybody. He asked me what will i do in return for that. I said anything. I was shocked to hear that. I couldnt believe it. He said i had t take bath in front of him.

I refused but he threatened me. After a long time i had to agree. He came in to my bathroom along with praveen. Suddenly he coulnt control himself, he pulled down his shorts. His white underwear was thronged from inside. I could see his wetting in his underwear.

He took off his undies. I was in a shocked state not knowing what was happening around me. So i didnt react. I was excited. The very sight of praveen seeing both of us like that increased my feelings. Seeing that i came insideme. Praveens stick had a few drops of fluid at his tip. We enjoyed the whole evening again. We kept repeating such episodes when we were all alone. Rate This Story :.

I decided to return to my roots and write a class mcstories-style incest tale, with a humorous meta-device to drive the plot. Pet Girl Training Academy. I looked at myself in the mirror as I finished getting dressed. No mc or anything supernatural - the only suspension of disbelief required is that these are very horny people in the usual fantasy-land in which porn is written. All Time 30 Days All Time. A Lesson in Punctuality She swallows her jealousy and learns to be a good bitch. I looked around the room, but Thor is nowhere to be found.

Puppy sex story

Puppy sex story

Puppy sex story. Welcome to Puppy's Stories

Monstrous Ranch Ch. Little One Ch. His Pet Ch. Ginny and Katy Pt. Puppy Girl: The Stray A broken man, an innocent injured girl, a time for healing. Ginny meets Santa A loyal puppy girl meets Santa Claus. Daddy's Stray Puppy Ch. Royal Flush Ch. Dani's New Life Ch. Woman in Red Ch. Anniversary Ch. A Puppy Diary Ch. Puppy Naughty little puppy girl gets what is coming. Cage She learns that human pets don't get to choose. Beach Day Daddy lets me bring my puppy boy to the beach. Gimp and Pup A rubber gimp and a rubber pup are forced to switch roles.

Morning Puppy Puppy and Mistress have a morning of fun. Mind Control Harem Ch. Pet Me? A woman goes a long way to help a client. The Unwilling Petboy Pt. The Unwilling Petboy Arthur becomes a pet. Miss Holly - Procurement A Selentia adventure begins. Puppy Training Pt. A Bone for the Puppy A game of fetch escalates quickly. Beaten and Turned into a Pet Chad is forced to submit and be Amanda's pet.

Pup Ch. Matt makes a mistake. They catch up. Monstrous Ranch Ch. Respite A young man disheartened with his life meets a new friend. My Mistake - Puppy A young man is gradually enslaved as a human puppy. Petsitting Ch. He takes it like a good puppy. He ends on his back covered in cum. Ends up on his knees. Puppy Daddy loves his little pup.

Little One Ch. Pony Slaves for Sale Pt. The Pirate's Slaves Ch. Justice Love is a life sentence. His Pet Ch.

Bar Help A college boy becomes a lovingly pet. Queen's Island Lydia and her pup spend a day at a FemDom theme park. Beta Testing The creation of a fun femdom party game! Puppy Jack Gay dom accidentally becomes the bitch during pup play. Private Game Lovers play on a private beach, and learn a dark secret Rubber Puppy A man finds a fetish store and is turned into a pup. Coming Home to Puppy The first of many stories between puppy and Misstress.

Cynthia's Submission Ch. Puppy Girl Ch. Mary's Adventures Pt.

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I am a lonely woman. My only friend is my dog, Enzo. How sad is that? I blame porn. When I tell Enzo to bark, he barks. When I tell Enzo to roll over, he rolls over. When I tell Enzo to come, we both do. Every girl needs a dirty secret. Mine just happens to mistake his shit for food. I let Enzo lick other places. Enzo is big black shit dog, but with out the clipped ears. I love my good boy too much to do that to him.

I take the peanut butter from the jar, smiling to myself as I spread my asscheeks, and smear it down my taint. Enzo starts sniffing where I like. I feel his nose cold and wet across my pussy and ass. A shiver runs through me, and I bite my lip and smile back at him. He licks the peanut butter from me, and then move inside, trying to get the last of it that pushed deeper. I moan as his tongue moves up and down my taint, pushing slowly into my asshole and making me feel so good.

I reach back and spread myself wider, letting his tongue slide deeper into me. God, it feels so good. He starts moving with faster motions, his tongue burrowing deeper, his panting growing hot against my taint. Red rocket is such a crude term for dog cock, but I guess it fits the deion. Enzo puts his paws on my ass, scratching the skin a little, but not to bad. He breaths fasts and panting, and then misses his target. Live and let live, I guess.

I arch my back and rest my head on the cold floor, sighing as Enzo begins jerking his body back and forth. He treats me like I want to be treated, without any respect at all. I want to be fucked like an animal. I sigh louder, biting my lip, moaning through my breaths and shifting back to take him. Enzo is a good boy. Enzo fucks me harder and faster. I stop moaning, and start screaming instead. I yell at the top of my lungs as I heave to the beat.

I feel his dick throbbing inside my shithole, and I hear his growls grow louder. I cry out and breath against the tiled floor, pathetic sounds coming from my whore-mouth. Make me come! I love it. I feel the orgasm coming inside me, causing me to squirt everywhere.

I hiss against the tiles as I push my fingers into my cunt, rubbing like a little slut as my dog barks and yips. He bucks the last of his thrusts, and then comes into my ass. I feel his cum dripping inside me, and I sigh as it pours into my guts. I always make sure to clean Enzo afterward. He comes in my mouth, and I swallow it all like a good little bitch. Then I laugh as he licks my face, and smile as he runs over to the door, wagging his tail.

I wonder if I can take him home. I reach into my purse and pull out some bacon strips. Dogs are so needy. His ears perk up and he looks at me.

Scruffy around the edges, but obviously once cared for. He comes bounding over to me, his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth. I hand him him a bacon strip, and Enzo immediately intercepts it. He gobbled it up and then looks up at me expectantly. I jump in fright and turn around. I just want to get out of here.

I want to go home, curl into a ball, and cry myself to sleep. Dave just laughs. Dave smiles again, and then digs into his pocket. That night, Dave and I go on a double date with out dogs. Dave is nice, and understanding. He lets me go through my episodes without comment, and then moves on like it never happened.

I grin naughtily at him, and then glance at my dog. What kind of a man would want a woman who fucks her dog? Dave just smiles like he knew the whole time. You must be logged in to post a comment. He grins, and nods. Nicolette And Her Horse I wanted sex so bad that I put on a blue movie and… A story about a lady and her dogs Two female cousins get together for some fun and a… A continuation of my story about the fun I had with… Nikki's big Dog Nikki a finds her dog Enzo to be quite the turn on,… Wife's first real taste of man-meat.

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Puppy sex story

Puppy sex story