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Paperboard model building forums

Paperboard model building forums

Paperboard model building forums

Momir Buklding site. Build Better Ship Models. Posted Paperboard model building forums hours ago by Tanker-Builder. You're invited to discuss those things not strictly related to scale modeling. I by Tom Foti. For the top section of the U-Wing, use a white-out correction pen or white paint marker to fill in the gaps between the plating sections: 6.

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Pulp used in the manufacture of Paperboard model building forums can be bleached to decrease colour and increase purity. There was a perfectly ordinary grade crossing, gravel surface dirt road! Paper products. Connect with Staples experts. Chuck modeling Central Japan in September, Iron pipe? Its been a 6 month build so far In general, the following are often used: Kissing sunset [4]. Model Railroader Video Plus. Success without the search. The operating crew may not even have known that anything had derailed. Direct Mail.

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Remember Me? Forum Creative Customizing U-Wing scale for 3. Thread: U-Wing scale for 3. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. U-Wing scale for 3. The building plans I designed are free for all Star Wars fans who want to make one of their own.

Links to the plans are at the end of this post. Length: approx. Wingspan: approx. Reason: Final release. Just an unspeakable feat! Very cool, very nice work, indeed! Very impressive! Love what you did here. Esp the interior is amazing. I made this paper model some time ago and looking at your texturing it seems like you recycled it a bit Where did you get references for the interior? I always wanted to make an update at some time with the interior added, but when I designed mine it was before the movie release so there was not much there.

Keep up the good work! U-Wing scale vehicle playset -- paint preview I've been painting the entire playset inside and out. Here is a quickly snapped sneak preview of the interior components fully painted and with the decals glued onto them.

After the painting is done, I'll put online a whole bunch of new photos of the completed ship. I'm also hoping to get a Bodhi figure for the shoot -- you can't break up the team! Looks great, but why didn't you just buy a sheet of styrene and make it out of plastic? I wonder how strong and durable can you make it? General rules for painting cardboard and paperboard models: 1. Use art paintbrushes to apply the gesso. DO NOT use foam brushes.

Apply the gesso in thin strokes. You are not applying color -- you are just covering the piece with a thin surface of gesso.

Wipe off excessive amounts of gesso with a napkin, paper towel, or toilet paper. After the gesso has fully dried, if there are any rough areas, smooth them out by gently brushing the dried surface with an anti-static wiping cloth.

Use a used toothbrush to smooth hard-to-reach spots. Fine-grain sandpaper can be used but do so very carefully. Paint over the dried gesso'ed areas of the ship pieces and sections using art paintbrushes.

DO NOT use any other kinds, which would include enamel, oil, spray paint, tempera, and watercolor. It is advised that you use a new set of brushes, not the ones you used to apply the gesso. This is because the gesso will likely have worn out those brushes. There's no need to since the white poster board plating sections and wing decals already provide color. Put the gesso or paint first on a scrap piece of cardboard, and dab your paintbrush into that: 7.

TIP: Avoid applying gesso and paint to areas that will not be seen when the U-Wing is fully assembled, and areas that will be covered with decals. TIP: Black gesso can be used to block out text and graphics printed on cardboard.

But it will make a lighter-colored acrylic paint painted over it a little darker. TIP: When they're still wet, gesso and acrylic paint can be washed out of paintbrushes under running warm water. A dab of dish soap can be applied to the brush to help remove the paint. Paint thinner is not necessary; it doesn't work well for removing gesso or acrylic paint anyway. Painting the plastic sections of the engines: 1. The black will help cover up the graphics and text printed on the yogurt cups.

Alternately: spray-paint the engines, if you are skilled at using spray paint. You need to use a good quality spray paint that can bond to plastic. I suggest detaching the mid-section and end section from the main engine, so that you can spray-paint these sections separately.

To do this if you have already put these components together , carefully cut the rear rim of the main engine and unwrap it. Then you can pull the mid-section and end section off: My personal paint color guide for the scale cardboard U-Wing: 1. Apply BLACK GESSO to the arch, cannon housing, outer-facing sides of the interior wall mod plates, pilot seats including stand and control panel , power reactor wall plate, rear heat fins piece, engine mid-section and engine end sections.

For the top section of the U-Wing, use a white-out correction pen or white paint marker to fill in the gaps between the plating sections: 6. DO NOT paint the underside of the wings. This will add weight to them, and probably cause them to bend. Leave them alone, since people will rarely see their undersides. If you still really want to cover the original cardboard, cut to fit and glue white paper sheets, or white construction paper, onto the undersides of the wings.

What is gesso? You brush it over a canvas or wood to prep these surfaces for paint. You can buy it from arts supply stores in a bottle or tube: When dry, the gesso'd surface will feel chalky to the touch. This helps paint to stick to it. Acrylic dries fast and doesn't consist of as much water and oil compared to other kinds of paint: If you use other kinds of paint e.

NEVER slather on the gesso or acrylic paint. U-wing scale engine alternate build It can be difficult to properly paint the plastic sections of the engine -- the paint might peel or flake off due to the flexible nature of the plastic cups. So here's an alternate way to add color to them, by glue-sticking paper wraps around these cups. You can download the photo guide to this engine alternate build as a PDF. Or, scroll through the step-by-step photos at the second link below. These photos also show a closer look at the layout pattern of the engine detailing that uses plastic wire ties.

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They tell me that rerailers are unnecessary if your trackwoerk is bulletproof. Paper and paperboard packaging technology. Resources Magazine. Instead of chasing down the ever dwindling supply of pewter detail parts, I make a cast from existing loco's and make copies for myself when ever needed. China clay Fiber crop Paper chemicals Papyrus Wood pulp. File Cabinets.

Paperboard model building forums

Paperboard model building forums

Paperboard model building forums

Paperboard model building forums. Join Mailing List


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Paperboard model building forums

Paperboard model building forums