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Dateline sex change

Dateline sex change

Dateline sex change

She was killed on campus on Monday. Archived from the original on June 3, A therapist helped her ssx to deal with the childhood sexual abuse that contributed to her many affairs. Castaway's parents thought they would never see him again. Their relationship eventually strengthened. A Dose of Controversy. Chuck Todd moderator Andrea Mitchell substitute moderator. However, on occasion, the Sunday broadcasts airing in a time slot otherwise reserved for family-friendly programming, Dateline sex change from CBS ' competitor 60 Minutes focuses on stories tailored for younger viewers, such as recent Sunday reports on teen drivers and child safety; on other weeks, Dateline sex change Sunday editions feature either true crime stories, stories recounting situations in which people have survived life-threatening situations, consumer reports or interviews. Unbelieveable cock a night in with these popular Datelinr available to stream now with Dsteline Video.

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  • His hair is longer than it was in his former life, the life he left behind like a snake shedding its skin.

Get the Dateline NBC newsletter delivered to your inbox! Chances are you've known someone, maybe even someone in your own family, who's struggled with an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. But what about an addiction to sex? A growing number of medical experts are saying compulsive sexual behavior is a very real disorder that an estimated 16 million Americans, both men and women, are fighting. Patrick Carnes, director of sexual disorders services at Arizona's Meadows Treatment Center , which first coined the term "sexual addiction.

What makes a sex addict? How do experts tell what makes a person a sex addict as opposed to someone who just likes sex? To anyone who knew him, it would have seemed incomprehensible. Laaser, a minister and counselor, was married with children and an icon of respect. But that wasn't enough. Mark says that early on he felt an emptiness, a loneliness that sex seemed to fill. When he was 11, he says he discovered pictures -- what he'd call soft porn now. Laaser was so fixated by what he saw, he started stealing Playboy magazines from the local drugstore.

But I was willing to go ahead with it because the high was so fantastic of what I was experiencing. He was watching porn videos and masturbating daily. Debbie, unaware of Mark's double life, trusted him and they got married. Mark hoped that married life would bring an end to a life preoccupied by sex. A lot of people think human beings are preoccupied by sex a lot of time, so what could be so unusual about his feelings? I wanted to act it out. Eventually I had a lot of preoccupation with planning or doing or thinking what it would be like.

He says something deeply emotional was missing, and he wondered why he couldn't just stop. For Ferree, it wasn't so much about sex itself, but about the relationships she thought she could have by engaging in sex with acquaintances and friends. Ferree says that as a child, she was sexually abused by a family friend, a common precursor to later addiction. She felt an emotional void that she says sex filled -- at least initially. But immediately after that experience is over, I mean driving back home, there is this incredible let down and you're just in a wash of shame.

That shame that worsened after Ferree was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The cause, she was told, was HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. Had a major hemorrhaging after one of those surgeries.

I mean my life was literally in danger and I found still that I could not stop. Thoughts of suicide Ferree was sick, married and a mother, yet none of those things could make her change, even though she was horrified by what she was doing.

What way am I going through a ritual to feel better? I feel horrible after that and the whole cycle starts over again. Ferree was desperate. Sex with her husband was not enough, and she believed the only way to stop having sex outside her marriage was to end her life.

For years, she says, this meant having sex several times a week with strangers she would pick up in bars, frequently putting herself in dangerous situations. But I ended up having sex or doing sexual things with several of them. And that was a new low … Absolutely humiliated.

Karen even found herself contemplating prostitution. He had degrees in religion and divinity, had attended seminary school, was a deeply committed Christian and had been ordained as a minister. There was that moral side. And yet, he'd escape, feeling furtive and guilty, to feed his sexual addiction.

At the same time, he was working on getting his Ph. He betrayed parishioners, colleagues and clients. It was a trust that was about to be shattered. Yes, the very thing I was afraid of actually happened. Then it all came crashing in on me.

And I'll never forget the look on Mark's face. Actually he was sitting in a chair across from me and I guess today what I know is brokenness in a person … I think there were times truthfully when I questioned whether I would stay.

There were times I know when I felt so extremely sad, that I wasn't sure we would ever be able to have happiness in our life again. And then, in the midst of all that pain, her husband felt something else. So I think mixed up with fear, sadness and confusion there was a sense of relief.

Is sex addiction really about the sex? So is sex addiction really about the sex? It's really about pain … or escaping or anxiety reduction. It's a solution. Ferree thought sex was her solution to painful feelings, but it was a solution that was not working. After years of failing to will herself to stop having sex with acquaintances, she was ready to take her own life.

And then, at last, she confided in someone. She did get help help. A therapist helped her learn to deal with the childhood sexual abuse that contributed to her many affairs. Her second marriage survived and is, she says, better. Ferree was surprised to find she wasn't alone. About a third of sex addicts are female, which is why, Ferree says, she decided she wanted to do something to help other women.

She went back to school to get a degree in counseling. She now runs a counseling program for sexually addicted women, called Bethesda Workshops. It's kind of guys will be guys, men will be men. But for a woman to be out of control in her sexual behavior, there is just a whole other level of shame. Recovery programs Karen, awash in that same shame, one day found herself surfing the Internet to see if she was the only woman in the world who suffered in this way, when she ran across Web sites for sexual addiction.

She entered a step program and has been dealing with sex appropriately for a year. So how do I know when I am in my craziness and when what I'm doing is a normal healthy reaction to have. Laaser has been in recovery for over a decade. He say's it's a continuing process. After his sexual misbehavior was exposed, Laser entered a sex addiction treatment center for a month where he received psychotherapy. He now runs a program called Faithful and True Ministries. He still occasionally goes for counseling and relies on the support of those around him, such as his wife Debbie who stayed by his side through it all.

Their relationship eventually strengthened. They dealt with some of the loneliness Laaser felt and both found comfort in their religious faith. His work has also helped him. He is again counseling others -- including men with problems like his. Why can't people just stop? If there's no drug or chemical involved, how is sex addiction like drug addiction or smoking? In other words, we produce chemicals in our brain whether we use an outside chemical or not.

New studies, like one at Vanderbilt University, are being conducted to determine if brains of sex addicts are somehow different, and if sex addiction is a true, measurable disorder. Yet despite growing interest in such research, there are still some who do not believe it is a true addiction. The American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual, for example, does not list sex addiction as a disorder.

People who work in the addiction realm are starting to get a common agreement about how to start describing this. But, however the scientific debate works itself out, people like Ferree, Karen and Laaser want to help other people suffering from the same compulsions.

They want people to know how to recognize the problem and discover that there is hope. Jump to story headline MSN Outlook. ET Oct. Trending NBCNews. Battling sexual addiction Millions of Americans suffer from disorder, experts say Dr.

Patrick Carnes, director of sexual disorders services at Arizona's Meadows Treatment Center, describes what makes a person a sex addict as opposed to someone who just likes sex. Joran van der Sloot: Deadly Connection? The Secret Life of the Homecoming Queen. The Case of the Missing Mom. Amy Bishop: Deadly Ambition. Sign up for the newsletter. Missing in America: Kelsie Schelling.

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Dateline sex change

Dateline sex change

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The software in the computer system was such that even before a patient left the office a bill was already on its way to the insurance company. And the fact that there were no other surgeons in the practice meant there were no peers on hand to raise suspicions, which may be why, according to court filings, at least 90 percent of the patients who came to see Weinberger were advised on their very first appointment that they needed some type of sinus-related surgery.

Jim Platis, a plastic surgeon, had been friends with Mark since the s. Platis also believed his friend to be a very good surgeon, respected by his peers. Along with his wife, Platis had attended the blessing ceremony in Ravello, in But afterward he began to notice a change in the way Weinberger was spending money, whether it was the foot yacht that trolled the Mediterranean, or the multiple drivers, or the sushi lunches from Chicago.

But as her academic career advanced, Mark came to resent it, particularly as problems began to mount in his own work. Instead of supporting her, he made increasing demands, and her self-esteem ebbed. Although she weighed roughly pounds, he gave her grief when, as a self-indulgence every Thanksgiving or Christmas, she went to Godiva and bought a box of truffles. He himself worked out three times a day. Mark did not allow her to have her own checkbook or see the bills.

He gave her a thousand dollars a week in spending money, leaving it on the kitchen counter as if she were a prostitute. He did complain they were overspending, and Michelle, still in her 20s then, readily admits that she enjoyed the lavish trappings of wealth and extravagance, particularly the yacht, as probably any spouse would have. But when Mark worried about money, she claims, she told him to get rid of at least the NetJets account and the personal staff that took over the house each day.

Instead, during one of their next jaunts in the Mediterranean, they docked at Marbella, where they went to Versace and Weinberger spent tens of thousands of dollars on the latest styles for both of them.

Phyllis Barnes was 47 years old and employed helping recently laid-off steelworkers find new jobs when she went to see Weinberger in September of She had had a cough for several months, sometimes spitting up blood, and was now having problems breathing.

She was losing weight, because it was hard for her to swallow. She had already been to a physician assistant and a doctor, who thought the problem might be asthma or allergies, but her symptoms persisted.

A colleague suggested that she go see Dr. Weinberger, that maybe her problem was sinus-related. When she saw the ear-nose-and-throat surgeon, he diagnosed her problem as exactly that. The surgery did not work, and she continued to have enormous difficulty breathing. She went back to see Weinberger, and he told her to relax and give the surgery time to work. But her condition did not improve. She saw several other doctors: one said she had a virus; another said it was bronchitis and prescribed antibiotics.

On December 7, , she went to yet another doctor, named Dennis Han. Like Weinberger, Han was an ear-nose-and-throat surgeon.

He immediately saw how sick she was and, based on the sound of her breathing alone, made the correct diagnosis: she did not have sinus problems; she had throat cancer. According to legal documents, Weinberger had not even performed a throat exam on Barnes during her initial visit, but ordered a cat scan of her sinuses only. When Dr. Han had seen Barnes in December, three months after her first visit to Dr.

Weinberger, the tumor inside her larynx was easily visible upon examination, filings assert. So too, in all likelihood, was the enlargement of the lymph nodes in her neck.

She also had two firm masses on the left side of her neck which were consistent with cancer. But when Weinberger had last seen Barnes, only 18 days earlier, he made no notations of any of this. Allen, stated in a filing on behalf of Barnes. After Barnes died of cancer, in , an Indiana medical-review panel consisting of three physicians would find Weinberger negligent in his treatment of her. Barnes filed suit against Weinberger on October 29, , when she was still struggling to survive.

In and , according to court records, Indiana state records, and interviews with trial attorneys, he performed hundreds of sinus surgeries that were allegedly medically unnecessary. In the case of the patient William Boyer, according to court testimony, Weinberger showed him an image of polyps inside his sinus cavity that were bloody, infected, and pus-filled.

But, according to court testimony, the picture that Weinberger had shown him had not been of his own sinus cavity. In addition, an EKG taken before surgery had indicated that Boyer had an irregular heartbeat, which should have been an immediate red flag, causing re-evaluation of the surgery.

But the defense did not dispute that Weinberger had provided Boyer with substandard care. And there remain hundreds in which review panels—the first step in determining medical malpractice under Indiana law—have yet to make a finding. When she returned, every room of the town house had video cameras and a safe.

At the time, she did not believe that he would ever do anything that was not medically warranted. She had become pregnant earlier that spring. The procedure took place at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Chicago, on August 20, and there was terrible news: Michelle had had a miscarriage.

But when Mark saw the attending physician, with his wife hysterical and sobbing, he showed no emotion, according to Michelle, instead talking shop about the size of his surgical practice. At one point he did shed some tears, but Michelle believed that they were forced. His co-workers at the clinic also noticed changes in Weinberger. He grew snappish with patients, or sometimes did not answer at all when asked a question. Usually clean-cut, he came to work some days with a stubble of beard and occasionally walked around the office not fully dressed.

A group of men with thick, possibly European accents came to the clinic one day in the late summer of Employees were confused and fascinated; they had never seen men like this before, although it was later theorized that the men were diamond dealers from New York, many of whom are Hasidic Jews. Boxes began to be delivered, 30 or 40 in total. Staff members did not open them but could tell by the outside labels that they contained camping gear. On September 16, , Phyllis Barnes died.

Their yacht, the Corti-Seas, coming from Athens, was supposed to be docked in Mykonos when they arrived. But it was delayed, turning Weinberger into a nervous wreck. Michelle could not understand why he was so upset, until she later learned that he had sent a shipment of survival gear to Athens, to be picked up by the yacht, as well as another shipment to Cannes.

The Corti-Seas finally arrived the next day. That night all the members of the group went out to dinner. Michelle told what Weinberger considered an off-color and inappropriate story. He got angry and she got angry. She was also still going through the emotional effects of the miscarriage.

But they smoothed things over and went to bed on the yacht. She assumed he had gone for his early-morning jog, just as he usually did in Chicago, along Lake Michigan, taking their dog, Angel. But this morning something did not feel right. She looked for him all over Mykonos. But by nightfall he had not come back. She knew what she had instinctively suspected since she woke up: he had vanished. The Corti-Seas, which had run up significant dockage fees on Mykonos, was seized by Greek customs officials.

To get home to Chicago, Michelle borrowed money from an aunt for a ticket. There was an envelope waiting for her when she arrived. It was from Mark. Distraught, she hoped and prayed there was an explanation inside. She tore the envelope open. It contained only the certification for her engagement ring, presumably so she could sell it to raise some cash.

Courmayeur is in the northwestern corner of Italy, where the borders of France, Switzerland, and Italy all meet. It lies at the foot of Mont Blanc; the mountain and nearby peaks, Maudit and the Grandes Jorasses—all dappled in snow even in summer—gleam in the sun like a set of pearly teeth. There are also stores that sell fruit in rainbow hues and hearty wedges of the freshest cheese.

This was where Mark Weinberger ended up, some say as early as Because of his love for Italy, the choice of the ski-resort town made sense, particularly considering its remoteness. There were wild rumors that he had previously been to Israel or China, or even Miami, where he supposedly watched the filming of an episode of CSI Miami. But there is no doubt that before he arrived in Courmayeur, he spent time in the South of France. Michelle Kramer, shortly after returning to Chicago, went to the city office that Weinberger maintained separate from the condominium and clinic.

She found material that he had shredded, and over the course of three sleepless days and nights she pieced the hundreds of strands together. Using credit-card statements as well, she tracked him to Monaco and then to Cannes and Nice, where he continued to indulge his penchant for fine clothing.

But then the trail grew cold. In his medical license was revoked by the state of Indiana, and he was indicted in absentia by a federal grand jury for health-care fraud. In , Michelle was granted a divorce from Weinberger. When Mark Weinberger arrived in Courmayeur he told people he had come from Monte Carlo, and he did appear to be traveling back and forth to someplace else.

At the end of he rented a modest two-bedroom apartment in Courmayeur. It was on Via Regionale, No. Above was a small shopping strip—a shoe store, a butcher, and a tiny grocery on the end where Monica Specogna worked. She was attractive and slender, with strikingly handsome features and thick black hair that fell to her shoulders.

Then in her late 30s, she had been born in Udine, in northeast Italy, and had studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. For a period she had worked in music, playing bass and heavy-metal guitar and doing the sound mixing for several small albums. It was her life. She met Weinberger in the winter of —8 when he came into her store to buy food. We spoke about music but not about anything else. They decided to go skiing together.

Both intrepid, they went off the usual course into the woods, and from that day on skied together as much as they could. Weinberger told her that he had been living in Monte Carlo but had been traveling around Europe on bike.

The choice of Courmayeur was by chance—without looking he had supposedly placed his finger on a map of the Alps, and it landed on the ski-resort town. He struck Monica as sincere and honest. But in the end Mark jeopardized her safety, as he had so many others who trusted him.

He also read Crime and Punishment. A metamorphosis was taking place inside him, from grandiose spender to grandiose survivalist. In the late spring he and Monica biked the miles from Courmayeur to Grindelwald, Switzerland, at the foot of the famed Mount Eiger. Once in a while he hiked into town to buy food and equipment. At the end of September he came up with the idea of living at relatively high altitude for a year and writing a book about the experience, which he hoped would give him enough money to settle with Monica in Grindelwald and maybe even adopt children.

She tried talking him into relocating to a safer site, but he refused. Mark had stopped paying rent on his apartment. The Carabinieri checked their database and found an international arrest warrant for Weinberger from Interpol. But they did not know where he was. She also received a phone call that day from a friend who said he had to talk to her. Monica was astonished and confused. That day she accompanied Mark back to the Val Ferret, where he headed off to his tent.

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The story is what happened before the murder and whether it could have been prevented. And whether the University of Utah met its responsibilities.

McCluskey, a year-old senior who was a member of the U. Rowland, a year-old registered sex offender she had briefly dated. Shortly after the murder, Rowland killed himself while he was being pursued by police. But the hour is not without mystery.

Jill and Matt McCluskey have criticized the U. Legal Notices Obituaries Jobs. Thursday, October 24, Sign In. Sign Out. Police said Melvin Rowland, 37, fatally shot year-old McCluskey of Pullman, on Monday night on the university campus and then killed himself in a church as officers closed in. Oct 24, McCluskey was killed on campus on Monday. She was killed on campus on Monday. McCluskey signed a letter of intent to compete in track for the University of Utah. By Scott D. Article continues below.

Related Article s. Her friends warned dorm staff; she kept calling police. But risks went unrecognized before the slaying of Utah student Lauren McCluskey.

He loaned his gun to Melvin S. Rowland, who used it to kill a University of Utah student. Donovan Mitchell dominates and Jazz hold off Thunder for season-opening victory.

By Sean P. Strasburg stars as Nationals rout Astros for Series lead. Bojan Bogdanovic shakes off preseason woes, ankle injury to spark Jazz in win over Thunder.

Dateline sex change

Dateline sex change