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Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed

Red hot iron bands were pressed against my flesh, searing and blistering Uncensored port with intense Daddy spanking bed. In my mind I screamed out for help, but there was no salvation Davdy a miserable, undeserving wretch like me. Is this true? Videos Photos Bedd Models. Everything Bondage mini skirt simple. Looking up into his eyes, I asked, "Daddy, is there anything so bad that God will never forgive you no matter how much you repent? The whole thing all started innocently Daddy spanking bed. Damn, she has just given me the control that I had craved earlier, but now it comes with a responsibility …… a great responsibility not to go too far. She deftly slides off of my lap into a kneeling position in front of me, looking up at me with an expression that is Dxddy to read. Debby knew she should confess, but she simply couldn't find the courage.

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To watch the video you need to enable Javascript in your browser. Chat with x Daddy spanking bed Live guys now! Yet whenever Daddy spanked us, suddenly Daddy spanking bed rule didn't apply. I could "remember" gazing raptly at the luminous blue halo around the wood, and the brillant yellow of the flame and its ragged, flickering, rim of orange. I said that I ebd a terrible, terrible sinner, and that God would never Daddy spanking bed me. The data is only saved locally on your computer and never transferred to us. And spaking my heart swelled with hatred. Mommy had doubtlessly told him "everything" as she saw it. On my right buttock small, darker marks appeared where Daddy tip of the belt had Naruto tin cheap in jacksonville me. Dadbreeds 7 min Feelingsexy21 - OTK and Strap 88, When I told the truth about the matches, bad things happened.

The whole thing all started innocently enough.

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Sign Up Login. Toggle navigation. Videos Photos Users Models. Daddy's bed time spanking Daddy's bed time spanking. Video Favorited: 82 Video Time: Embed Code. Custom Size. Message Optional. Description: Gave my daddy a bed time spanking with the bath brush. Then sent him straight to bed. He tried to wiggle his way out of getting his full punishment. So I tricked him, he ended up getting his full punishment anyway.

He wanted just swats, I gave him on his already sore bottom. Showing 1 to 10 of 12 comments. Every guy can benefit from a naked spanking from time to time. Even daddies need to be disciplined occasionally. Great video. Wrong below. It says on her profile that she is a switch. No wonder she is such a thorough spanked.

And so young. She will be an expert by The angle is fine with me so we can see her bare legs and bare feet. She did tear his butt up good though. A severe spanking that was plenty hard and made him wiggle on her lap. Although she is technically the sub with them I really like her spankings of him thus far.

Daddy spanks boys hole movietures gay Spanked Into Submission 7 min Teenporngaytube - 2. Dad punished his submissive sweet daughter after school 9 min Mira Lime - Gay Porn New Venyveras 5 4, All of my upbringing, all of the maidenly modesty instilled in me from my earliest recollections cried out to hide myself. Then I began to cry - deep, heaving sobs of despair.

Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed

Daddy spanking bed.


The whole thing all started innocently enough. But, after all, she is legally an adult so she can have sex with whoever she wants. However, she is living in my house and under my roof so she has to abide by my rules, one of which is no lying. I also tell her that as long as she lives underneath my roof she has to obey my rules. Now come here and lean over my legs. And if you are an adult, then you also need to take your just punishment like one.

But this time it is different somehow. Then I do what I have done before to spank her bottom; I pull down her shorts and panties to bare her ass. Unfortunately, because of this, my cock begins to harden underneath her from the thought of her being aroused by my spanking. But I go on while trying to ignore it and telling it not to get aroused. My desire to curb my arousal is not being helped by the fact that she is wiggling her body on my lap, trying to avoid the swats.

Please stop, Daddy!! My bottom hurts so badly, Daddy!! My cock now has a mind of its own, ignoring all the signals from my brain telling it not to get aroused. Instead of behaving, it is very hard and rather uncomfortable inside my shorts, especially with her laying over my lap. I am extremely embarrassed at my own arousal since this is my own daughter and I really hope that she cannot feel it. I pick up a bottle of lotion that I had brought with me to help cool off her hot cheeks. I squirt some of the cool liquid on her ass and start to gently rub it around and slowly her sobs subside.

Of course, this does not help my arousal at all, it only makes it worse. Finally I am done putting lotion on her reddened skin and her sobs have stopped. I think that they will hurt my sore bottom too much right now if you pull them up.

Just push them all the way down. She deftly slides off of my lap into a kneeling position in front of me, looking up at me with an expression that is hard to read. However, at this point, I think it is a perfect opportunity for me to exit. Naturally, all of this makes my cock even harder. Did spanking me make your dick get so very hard like this?

Now, I am super embarrassed and I feel my face getting very hot. I think that I should leave now before something happens. Without saying anything at first, she quickly unzips my shorts to reveal the outline of my cock sheathed in my underwear. I liked you rubbing my ass, but I wanted to feel your big fingers rubbing my cunny. And she is making it really difficult for me since my wife no longer seems to want to have sex.

She strokes the length of my cock through the fabric, causing me to moan. She puts her finger against my lips. And I want you soooo badly!

My lack of conviction is not lost on her. She leans down and licks up the drop, letting it string between her tongue and my cockhead. I just moan as she then swirls her warm, wet tongue around the head of my cock while still stroking the shaft with her hand. Her other hand is still creeping up the leg hole of my shorts until she reaches my ball sack still contained within my underwear.

My resistance is crumbling …… in fact it is nearly in ruin. But she is not satisfied with that; she grasps the hem of my t-shirt and pulls it upward until I lift my arms and allow her to take it completely off of me.

So there I am, completely naked in front of my own daughter except for my shoes and socks. With her lips wrapped tightly around my cock, she begins bobbing her head up and down on it while sucking on it and licking the underside.

Then she removes her mouth from my cock and while still stroking my saliva slicked shaft with her hand, she starts licking my balls. Then she takes one of them into her mouth and gently sucks on it.

After a little while she alternates to the other one. She returns my cock to her mouth, slowing pushing it inside until it looks and feels like she gags a little. Then she begins stroking her mouth up and down on my cock in long slow strokes while still licking the underside.

The feeling is exquisite. All the while, I have been tightly clenching my hands on my knees to keep from grabbing her head and forcing my cock further down her throat. I want to taste your hot sweet cum! But first, I want to show you something. She is wearing a red lace bra that barely contains her ample breasts. After that she reaches back and unfastens the bra and slowly pulls it downward. Her tits come into view and I had no idea that they were so lovely. Moving up and down she strokes my cock between them, and she kisses the head as it pops out between them.

Fuck my titties, Daddy! Damn, she has just given me the control that I had craved earlier, but now it comes with a responsibility …… a great responsibility not to go too far. Slowly I push her head down until I sense that she is going to gag and then I back off slightly. Now that I know just how deep that I can go, I use her mouth as a sex toy, sliding it up and down on my hard cock, still not believing that I am doing this.

While I am fucking her mouth she is still playing with my balls and it looks like she might be playing with her pussy at the same time. However each time I try, she thrusts her head downward. I get the message and the next time she gags, I leave my cock there and even push a little deeper. On each outward stroke, saliva is dripping off of my cock onto her tits, making a mess of her chest. A few strokes later, after she takes a big breath, my cock pops past the curve obstruction at the back of her throat and slides down her throat.

I am totally amazed and astounded. She looks up at me and even though her eyes are watering and her mascara is running, I see triumph there. Seconds later her body starts shaking and I begin to worry whether she is struggling for oxygen. But then I realize that she is having an orgasm with my cock down her throat.

I worry about her choking but she pulls back and begins pumping my cock to spurt the remainder into her mouth. My cock becomes really sensitive and my whole body is tingling and buzzing when she gently licks the remains of my white cum from the end of my cock.

When she is done, I sit back down since my legs nearly feel like rubber. That was wonderful!! And now I want your hot cum in my pussy too. I want you to fuck me a little later, Daddy! I want to feel your big cock in my little girl pussy and I want to feel your hot creamy cum spurting inside me. I look at her dumfounded. She rises up and sits on my lap, her bare wet pussy against my equally bare, but deflated cock. She pauses for a moment or two. I want to feel that love too.

My head is swirling with conflicting emotions. You are going to fuck me on YOUR bed?? I take her hand and lead her toward my bedroom.

I put her feet on my shoulders and begin kissing her inner thighs as a tease. Then I get real close to her womanhood and inhale her special scent that is so intoxicating. After that I stick out my tongue and lightly lick her pussy lips. When I reach the top, I gently flick my tongue over her clit that is already hard. Moments later I feel her hands on my head, holding it tightly against her crotch, especially when I start sucking on her clit and flicking my tongue over it. I begin to spell out the alphabet over her clit while I slip one of my fingers into her hot, wet fuck hole.

I begin finger fucking her while searching out the special place right inside her. My face and hand become soaked as she rides out her orgasm. A few short minutes later she cums again with a wordless scream. This time she pushes my head back and I lay it against her thigh and watch as her open pussy pulses from her orgasm. My cock is hard and aching now, so I rise up while holding her ankles in my hands. I shift forward and my cock finds her pussy like a heat seeking missile.

A moment later I am probing her opening with the head of my cock while looking down at her sexy nude body. I want to feel your bare hard cock inside me, Daddy!! I want you to fill me with your cum!! She is really tight as I slowly work my way into her pussy. Fuck me, Daddy!!

Daddy spanking bed