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Bi of bjork

Bi of bjork

Tech culture. He went to school in Sweden; completing his undergrad in engineering at Technical College in Helsingborg. Rugby union. So I moved back to Sweden, went to business school, and over a period of about ten years I worked in different lines of business, but they always had an entrepreneurial edge to it. Bjork film screening in U. Bi of bjork years ago and you bought enterprise vjork from companies like IBM or Oracle, it was intended to be led through an instructor. The Bi of bjork allegedly tried to sell the photos of Thompson in the shower to show-biz outlet TMZ. Theresa May.

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Archived from the original on 26 July Martin also worked at Studio Scholz, a design firm in Stuttgart, Germany, and completed various interior design projects independently. Jeremy Zitner. CopenHill, also known as Bi of bjork Bakke, Twin shores a 41,m2 waste-to-energy plant with an urban recreation center and environmental education hub, turning social infrastructure into an architectural landmark. ABC News. And they need disambiguation. Breathtaking leggy legal age teenager babe gets fucked before boyfriend 5 min Mcgowan Sharline - What's up with that? With a background in energy efficiency research as well as undergraduate studies in economics, Brian brings additional focus on environmental and economic sustainability into all of his projects. Retrieved 7 August Morgan Day. Through careful analysis of various parameters from local culture and climate, ever-changing patterns of contemporary Bi of bjork, to the ebbs and flows of the global economy, Bjarke believes in the idea of information-driven-design as the driving force for his design process.

One of these is Qlik.

  • Why isn't Selmasongs listed with all the other albums, especially when Drawing Restaint 9 is listed?
  • Over her four-decade career, she has developed an eclectic musical style that draws on a range of influences and genres spanning electronic , pop , experimental , classical , trip hop , IDM , and avant-garde music.

One of these is Qlik. Fifteen years ago and you bought enterprise software from companies like IBM or Oracle, it was intended to be led through an instructor. Users had to read a manual, and take many weeks, months, sometimes years to deploy. However, back then it was a new thing. And I think we have proven them wrong several times over. The company itself has offices in 26 countries.

With the explosion of data, we will suddenly begin to see new possibilities with our technology. The value is in the actual outcome that the user or the organization can achieve.

That is what I would label as data driven possibilities. The business started in in the university town of Lund, Sweden. And from its first few years of, I should say not knowing where it was going, the last 16 years has been a ride from a few dozen employees to over 2,, from a handful of customers to 40, customers today. And, from being very focused on the Swedish market at the outset, you quickly sort of look at the outside world and the opportunity.

Today its biggest and fastest-growing market is the U. The company is currently private it was actually a public company from to which may enhance its mission to be a force for social good without the need to report on quarterly earnings.

Private equity firm Thoma Bravo brought the company private in late August of The social good aspect is very closely tied to its culture. So we give away software to any kind of nonprofit type of organization. We help them build the application. He went to school in Sweden; completing his undergrad in engineering at Technical College in Helsingborg. Out of school he completed his military service which was mandatory back then and then an MBA from Lund University in business administration.

If you fell in, it would probably be the last thing you did. It was rough and tough, but there was a lot of love in it. So I moved back to Sweden, went to business school, and over a period of about ten years I worked in different lines of business, but they always had an entrepreneurial edge to it. I had no idea that it would take me this far at all, of course. Prior to that I was Forbes staff writer, Chie. I write about consumer behavior and business transformation.

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Retrieved 24 July Michael Howard. Why doesn't this article cover some of the bad press that Bjork has received the biggest of these being the mail-bomb stalker who committed suicide, also the attack on the reporter. So consider this an open request: please, someone, find us a nice, copyright-free image where we can actually see Bjork! As a bridge it reconfigures the sculpture park turning the journey through the park into a continuous loop.

Bi of bjork

Bi of bjork

Bi of bjork

Bi of bjork. Navigation menu

So far as the use of images is concerned I faced little problems. I got so enthusiastic when I started writing that I left the description pages empty, so there might be cases in which images have been deleted due to the uncertainty of their origin.

I believe images are an integral part for the design of articles and to provide visual information. It should have been stated from the get go that Wikipedia is not responsible for showing images. You must be aware that other sites formal and informal ones make use of pics that clearly infringe copyright laws. I will keep doing the same in the Spanish version. Even though too personal and spurious details should be avoided I think that in a complete biography you all should name that she has two children: Sindri in with Thor Eldon guitarrist of The Suagarcubes and Isidora in with Matthew Barney a video-maker.

The section about the swan dress is just begging for a picture. Would this be a situation that would fall under fair use? We're already commenting on it, and it would be very helpful in demonstrating what the whole fuss was about.

Pimlottc , 13 March UTC. It seems the Spanish fans are way ahead here. What's up with that? Swidly , 17 Jun UTC. I've never heard she was bipolar before. Is this a well-known fact? What's the source on that piece of info? It's nice to reference the music videos and their uniqueness, but why drag all of that unrelated garbage in? Maybe we could make a videography section, with links to directors. I'm a bit confused about this sentence: "MTV2, played the album's first video, "Hidden Place", pretty heavily, despite its somewhat controversial lyrics and imagery.

I think they are actually talking about "Pagan Poetry" which had some nudity, graphic piercing sequences, and, supposedly, sex scenes that are shrouded in the abstract computer imagery swidly , September 7, UTC. That's true about Pagan Poetry. Dbenbenn , 29 Dec UTC. I would add them but then we'd basically have just a list of all the major music styles, and that is not useful information either.

We could rewrite the intro or something, any suggestions? Where is the info on that? That is what I am relying on you to do. By distributing this task from the regular editors of one article to the regular editors of several articles, I believe that the task of fact-checking this information can be expedited. Thank you very much. Philwelch , 24 Mar UTC. Thanks for the links. Then I asked myself: who are homosexuals, Afro-Americans, lesbians, intelligent or narrow-minded people?

Okay I know what that is, but: Who makes the diagnosis? Could it be possible that some people think so due to the fact that she attacked a Tai journalist by ?

I wrote the Spanish version and this discography was taken from that article. Notice that this discography has some differences if compared to other discographies, even the official discography provided at her site. Some people get confuse when adding collaborations and locate the releases according to their date of release.

Singles were also included and organized, and their presence is important thanks to the collaborations of other renown artists. The Elgar Sisters was also very important and their discography was later in other releases. I will write about all of these releases. One by one. It seems appropriate in the context Why doesn't this article cover some of the bad press that Bjork has received the biggest of these being the mail-bomb stalker who committed suicide, also the attack on the reporter.

If this is an encyclopedic article on Bjork it should include all major events in her career. I'm a fan of Bjork's but I came here looking for information about the stalker. Jeff schiller , 11 August UTC. That should be right at the top, following the Icelandic characters for her name. I'm tempted to remove this comment from the first para "She is also considered to be the only true celebrity from Iceland. Magnus Magnusson is certainly famous here in the UK Anyone have an opinion?

I added a link to Sindri's dad, which seemed to be missing since her daughter's father is mentioned. However, it's my understanding that he was in KUKL -- but the wikipedia has completely opposite information.

So I have not tampered with that. I'd suggest to separate Drawing Restraint 9 from the Albums list. Or did an editor here just give a fairly.. The last sentence in the 8th paragraph under "Popularity" doesn't seem to have a purpose. It is also unprovable due to its ambiguity. No American airplay via major networks?

Via any cable-on-demand provider? Via satellite? And why mention only America? Did it receive play in other major markets such as Australia, Japan or South America? How about India which has gained a significant pop audience? It reads like a shot at the US and doesn't seem to have a place in the article. I added a few things that had been requested about the two negative incidents in All the info should be very easy to verify, both videos are available online and this was all covered very extensively by the media at the time - especially in my native Iceland.

I also added a bit of info about her son's new band he's a bass player now and the fact that her father was famous in Iceland before anyone knew who she was. Does anyone know what Bjork's voice is classified as? The single "All is Full of Love" was also the first DVD single to ever be released in the US, which paved the way for other artists to include DVD video and other multimedia features with their singles.

I had to go home and search for myself again. Director Lars von Trier eventually asked her to consider playing the role of Selma, convincing her that the only true way to capture the character of Selma was to have the composer of the music play the character. Filming began in early , and the film debuted in at the 53rd Cannes Film Festival.

It featured chamber orchestras, choirs, hushed vocals, microbeats made from household sounds, and personal, vulnerable themes.

Lyrical sources included the works of American poet E. To coincide with the album's release, an eponymous coffee table book of loose prose and photographs was published. The shows were held in theatres and opera houses in order to have "the best acoustics possible. In the CD box set Family Tree was issued. It comprised selected rarities as well as previously unreleased versions of her compositions, including her work with the Brodsky Quartet.

Also released alongside Family Tree was the album Greatest Hits , a retrospective of the previous 10 years of her solo career as deemed by the public. She gave birth to daughter Isadora Bjarkardottir Barney on 3 October Each of the four CDs was later released separately at a reduced price.

This initial plan was modified, as the majority of the sounds on the album are indeed created by vocalists but several feature prominent basic electronic programming, as well as the occasional musical instrument. She again appropriated text from E. The song "Oceania" was written especially for the occasion and features the talents of Shlomo , a Leeds -based beatboxer , and a London choir.

An alternative version of the song began circulating on the Internet with additional vocals by Kelis. It originally appeared on the promotional "Oceania" single released to radio stations and later became available to the public as a B-side of the " Who Is It " single, which charted at number 26 in the UK. She is also responsible for the film's soundtrack, her second after Selmasongs. The DualDiscs were also released separately.

The role was played by Charlotte Gainsbourg instead. It features 10 tracks. It also uses the Reactable , a novel "tangible-interface" synthesizer from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona , which on Volta is played by Damian Taylor.

The first single from the album, " Earth Intruders ", was released digitally on 9 April and became her second-ever Billboard Hot entry in the United States.

Volta debuted at number nine on the Billboard albums chart, becoming her first top 10 album in the US, netting week-one sales of 43, The album also reached number three on the French albums chart with sales of 20, albums sold in its first week, and number seven in the UK Albums Chart with 20, units sold. The second single from the album, " Innocence ", was digitally released on 23 July , with an accompanying music video chosen from a contest conducted through her official website.

The fifth single released from the album was " The Dull Flame of Desire ", featuring vocals by Anohni. The live set was also recorded at the Olympic Studio in London. Paul's cathedral in London. The episode aired on 27 February Biophilia was released in The album project combined music with technological innovation and themes of science and nature, including an " app album", educational collaborations with children and specialized live performance, debuting in Manchester , United Kingdom at the Manchester International Festival on 30 June.

This was the first part of the Biophilia Tour , that toured the world for two years. In June , the first single from Biophilia , " Crystalline ", was released. A central part of Biophilia was a series of interactive iPad apps made by programmers and designers, one app for each of the 10 songs on the new album. The second single, " Cosmogony ", which served as the "mother app" for all the others, was released on 19 July , followed by " Virus " and " Moon ".

Biophilia was the first album to be released, in October , as a series of interactive apps. The Reykjavik City Board of Education brought the programme to all schools in the city over the next three years. She released the remix album Bastards. No traditional singles were released for Vulnicura. On 2 October , Vulnicura Strings was announced.

The album serves as a purely acoustic companion to Vulnicura , and features additional string arrangements plus the viola organista , a unique string instrument played on a keyboard designed by Leonardo da Vinci. It was released on 6 November on CD and digital and 4 December on vinyl. The set sold out online five days after being announced but limited quantities were made available in store in London and Brooklyn. The CD was released on 13 November with the picture disc vinyls released a week later.

A luxury version of Vulnicura Live was released on 23 September. She DJ'd the opening night party [95] and did the same when the show traveled to Tokyo, Japan on 29 June, [96] showing at Miraikan.

In April , a special box set of 7" records was announced entitled 7-inches for Planned Parenthood. The collection was released digitally in October. Utopia was issued in November. Spending time with a person you enjoy is when the dream becomes real.

Debut has been credited as one of the first albums to introduce electronic music into mainstream pop. Utopia harkened back to previous works such as Vespertine and Homogenic, combining organic and electronic elements. Commenting on the success of the procedure after years of maintaining a strict diet and using vocal exercises to prevent vocal injury, she "stayed quiet for three weeks and then started singing and definitely feel like my cords are as good as pre- nodule. This project recruited fans and musicians from around the world to either cover or remix the track, "Army of Me".

She performed eight songs with Matmos , a Japanese string octet , and Zeena Parkins. She dedicated her song " Declare Independence " to Greenland and the Faroe Islands , which caused a minor controversy in the Faroes. This was to be Leila's first encounter with live mixing and would later form the basis of her own solo music career where she has integrated live mixing into her own compositions and live shows.

Leila has gone on to release three international solo albums throughout the s and appears on the influential electronica labels Rephlex Records , XL Recordings , and Warp Records. The album was simply titled An Album and featured just one single release, "Naturally". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Bjork. This article is about the musician. Icelandic singer-songwriter. This is an Icelandic name. Singer songwriter actress record producer DJ.

Art pop avant-garde electronica experimental. Main article: The Sugarcubes. This section has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Please expand the section to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.

December This section contains too many or overly lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry. Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. By books, by the weather, by the water, by my shoes, if they're comfortable or not. One of it is music, but I think it is very important with people who are dealing with making music that they are not only influenced by music.

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Her muisical style is eclectic an she haes achievit recognition in alternative rock , jazz , electronic dance muisic , classical , an avant-garde. Guinness World Records Ltd 17th edition , p. Swedish Royal Academy of Music. Retrieved Retrieved 1 January Rolling Stone. Retrieved December 30, Namespaces Airticle Collogue. Views Read Eedit Eedit soorce See histerie. In ither projects Wikimedia Commons. This page wis last eeditit on 18 Dizember , at See Terms o Uise for details.

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